Event Date: 2020/07/25

Venue: Electrict veng, Hnahthial

Objective of the event: Group meeting on plan of work and intervention propose for action plan 2020 NICRA-TDC,  selection of beneficiaries and selection of new committee bearer.  

About the event: The meeting was chair by president NICRA, VCRMC. All the executive members, committee members, KVK i/c Sr.Scientist & Head, Project in charge, SRF attend the committee. Discussion was done on various propose interventions of the NICRA-TDC, finalization of selection of beneficiaries. i/c Sr.Scientist & Head mention about the strengthening of CHC and repairing of the implements of the CHC. Video clipping of the successful intervention need to be more focus and publications and documentation of successful intervention was discuss at top priority.