Event Date: 2020/05/13

Venue: Darzo & S. Vanlaiphai, Hnahthial District, Mizoram

Objective of the event: Introduction of Maize composite variety (Vijay) and improved rice varieties Maniphou - 7, 10, 11, 12, 13 

About the event: The program was headed by i/c Sr. Scientist & Head. Face fask were distributed to the trainees and physical distancing were maintained throughout the training program. Training was delivered by SMS(Agronomy) on the theme 'Package of practices of Maize Cultivation' and 'Seed production technology & Nursery management of Rice'. A total no. of 42 progressive maize & rice growers attended the training program. Interaction and farmers feedback were thoroughly noted and reviewed. The program was followed by distribution of improved maize and rice varieties.