Event Date: 2022/01/21

Venue: Training Hall, KVK Lunglei (through Zoom online video conferencing application)

Objective of the event: Presentation of Annual Report 2021-22 and Annual Action Plan 2022-23 at SAC

About the event: The SAC 2022 was carried out through Zoom online video conferencing application. The programme was chaired by  Rohmingthanga Colney, Director of Agriculture, Govt. of Mizoram. The presentation was initiated  by Zonunkimi Ralte i/c. Sr. Scientist & Head (SMS - Home Science). Each SMS presented report and action plan on their subjects respectively which was followed by presentation of achievement reports on NICRA and ARYA by the SRFs respectively. Discussions were made and suggestion were given by the SAC members. The programme ended with thangs giving by Programme Assistant - Farm Manager.